Bold & Battle-Tested. Innovative & Insightful.

Elevated Campaigns is taking political & public affairs advertising to a whole new level.

We’re focused on improving and upgrading what we offer clients—we’re not resting on our laurels or content to rehash past efforts.

Whether our clients need us to fill a specific niche role or provide a full menu of services, our firm is experienced and equipped to help create winning campaigns across all media.

Digital & Social Media? Naturally.

Strategic Consulting & Issue Management? Yes.

TV & Radio Campaigns? Absolutely.

Direct Mail & Print? Of course.

And we’re not just multi-faceted, we’re multi-lingual and multi-cultural. With native Spanish speakers in-house and experience effectively communicating with Chinese, French, Tagalog, Hmong, Armenian, Russian, and Somali-speaking audiences, we can make sure you get your message across in any language.

Best of all, we’re willing to put our work to the test. We’re committed to research, both offline and online, that will ensure our work grabs voters’ attention, gets our clients’ messages across and spurs the audience to action. Sometimes that’s a function of what we say or the images and graphics that underscore the point but—more and more—the media is as important as the message. We’re closely watching and reacting to shifts in the media landscape so we know how and where to find our best audience at a price clients at all budget levels can afford.